Here are this month's new boxes!

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  1. Angel Box
    Angel Box

    Pair of hand cut and stamped holiday Angels.

  2. Dia De Los Muertos Box
    Dia De Los Muertos Box

    Celebrate Dia De Los Muertos with an authenitc custom-designed altar set.

  3. La Catrina Box Sold Out
    La Catrina Box

    A magnificent ceramic hand-crafted Catrina to grace your home.

  4. Catrinas Box
    Catrinas Box

    Catrina, the Grande Dame of Death, and her Catrin. 

  5. Canasta Box
    Canasta Box

    100% natural palm leave hand woven baskets.

  6. Ocoxal Box
    Ocoxal Box

    Set of four Ocoxal chargers.

  7. napkin ring, handwoven napkin, mycajita.com subscription box
    Buen Provecho Box

    Handmade napkin and napkin ring set.

  8. Aroma Box
    Aroma Box

    Handblown tear dropped flower vase.

  9. Cafè de Olla Box Sold Out
    Cafè de Olla Box

    All the tools you need to make an authentic Café de Olla.