Here are this month's new boxes!

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  1. Aguas Frescas Box
    Aguas Frescas Box

    A thirst-quenching experience for everyone. 

  2. Salud Box
    Salud Box

    An authentic cocktail experience.

  3. Vino Box
    Vino Box

    Mouth-blown wine glasses and decanter.

  4. Té Amo Box
    Té Amo Box

    Two handcrafted heart-shaped mugs and herbal tea.

  5. Mañanita Box
    Mañanita Box

    Handcrafted Mañanita made in Mitla Oaxaca.

  6. Paseo Box
    Paseo Box

    Handmade Oaxacan tote and embroidered mask.

  7. Luz Box
    Luz Box

    A beautiful Barro Negro (black clay) lantern and seasonal candle. 

  8. Chocolatero Box
    Chocolatero Box

    Colder nights mean cozying up inside and enjoying a delicious chocolate caliente.

  9. Angel Box
    Angel Box

    Pair of hand cut and stamped holiday Angels.