Here are this month's new boxes!

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  1. Vino Box
    Vino Box

    Mouth-blown wine glasses and decanter.

  2. Corazón Box
    Corazón Box

    Hand-carved barro negro jewelry box, necklace, and earring set.

  3. Chalina

    100% cotton, handwoven Chalina.

  4. Bolsitas Box
    Bolsitas Box

    Three beautiful, hand-woven organizing bags.

  5. Chef Box
    Chef Box

    Aprons with a matching oven/BBQ mitt and potholder.

  6. Moda Box
    Moda Box

    High-quality leather shoulder and coin purse.

  7. Pino Box
    Pino Box

    Three baskets for functional decoration.

  8. Garden Box Sold Out
    Garden Box

    Hand-painted planters to upgrade any plant in your house.

  9. Paleta Box Sold Out
    Paleta Box

    Hand-painted Talavera platter and paleta molds.