Sold Out Boxes


Let us know if you want any of these boxes and help us decide which to bring back.  Click here. 

  1. Iluminado Box Sold Out
    Iluminado Box

    A beautiful Barro Negro (black clay) lantern and seasonal candle.

  2. Celestial Box Sold Out
    Celestial Box

    Beautifully painted clay decor trio featuring an eclipse, sun, and moon.

  3. Margarita Box
    Margarita Box

    Hand blown Margarita glasses.

  4. Cafè de Olla Box Sold Out
    Cafè de Olla Box

    All the tools you need to make an authentic Café de Olla.

  5. Cacao Box Sold Out
    Cacao Box

    Everything you need to enjoy a Mexican hot chocolate.

  6. Garden Box Sold Out
    Garden Box

    Hand-painted planters to upgrade any plant in your house.

  7. Paleta Box Sold Out
    Paleta Box

    Hand-painted Talavera platter and paleta molds.

  8. Talavera Platter Box Sold Out
    Talavera Platter Box

    Hand-painted Talavera serving set.