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  1. napkin ring, handwoven napkin, mycajita.com subscription box
    Buen Provecho Box

    Handmade napkin and napkin ring set.

  2. Margarita Box
    Margarita Box

    Hand blown Margarita glasses.

  3. Salud Box
    Salud Box

    An authentic cocktail experience.

  4. Vino Box
    Vino Box

    Mouth-blown wine glasses and decanter.

  5. Talavera Platter Box Sold Out
    Talavera Platter Box

    Hand-painted Talavera serving set.

  6. Chef Box
    Chef Box

    Aprons with a matching oven/BBQ mitt and potholder.

  7. Churro Box Sold Out
    Churro Box

    Churro gun, serving platter, sauce bowl, churro mix, and sauces.

  8. Paleta Box Sold Out
    Paleta Box

    Hand-painted Talavera platter and paleta molds.

  9. Cena Box
    Cena Box

    Hand-crafted, high-quality Napkin and Napkin Ring sets.