Luz Box

Luz (light) brings us visibility, warmth, and love. What better way to celebrate February, the month of love, then with a beautiful Barro Negro (black clay) lantern from San Bortolo Coyotepec, Oaxaca. Paired with your lantern is a rose scented handcrafted candle by Amor y Flor called, “La Rosa”. Amor y Flor is based out of Los Angeles, California and creates high quality non-toxic candles that contain all-natural soy wax, essential oils, premium fragrance, and cotton-braided wicks.


Active Subscriber Price: $45; Non-Subscriber Price: $55

Shipping & Taxes are included.

What’s Included:

  • (1) Barro Negro (Black Clay) Lantern
  •          9.5 in x 6.5 in
  • (1) Hand Crafted, Amor Y Flor "La Rosa" Candle

Doña Esther Real and her husband Don Emilio Ortiz have been making Barro negro for many generations and continue the tradition with their three children. Their family business supports 10 families in their community and they have expanded over the years.

Amor y Flor began offering their handcrafted candles in 2011 at local craft shows and on Etsy. Scents such as Rosita (now La Rosa), BesoHorchata, SangriaMexican Vanilla and Novio (now Lowrider) were among some of Amor y Flor’s original scents.

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