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Mesa Box

Nothing brings the family together like food, and sharing a meal is the best way to keep your family feeling loved and important. We want to help get you started with our Mesa Cajita, handmade linens to set the table and set the mood. These 100% cotton manteles (table clothes) and servilletas (napkins) are all made by the master weavers of Mitla, Oaxaca using wooden looms that were introduced in the times of the Spanish rule. The patterns are a reflection of the Zapotecan heritage of Mitla, and you can see it in the design and zig-zags. We think they’ll be the perfect addition to your home, and just in time for some Summer outdoor dining. Use it for the table or even as a picnic setting, the bright colors will bring the family to the table to share some food and more importantly some laughs and love. Enjoy!

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What’s Included:

  • (1) Mantel (Handwoven Tablecloth) (Size: 98 in x 53 in)
  • (4) Servilletas (Handwoven Napkins)  (Size: 9 in x 8 in)