Molcajete Box

There’s a reason every household in México has a molcajete. It’s the original food processor, a kitchen staple from the beginning of cooking with fire. It’s how the Aztecs turned corn into masa, and masa into a tortilla. How cacao became chocolate. How dried chiles became salsa and mole. It’s rustic, its simple, and it works!

Your Molcajete box comes with some fresh, whole, spices so you can get started on some delicious food. Use the classic metal lemon squeezer to make the best guacamole and salsa ever! We’ve also included a traditional, natural, escobeta de raiz (hand held brush) to help keep your molcajete clean. It’s time to machucar and grind up some delicious sabores of México!

Sold Out!

Sold Out

What’s Included:

  • (1) Molcajete and Tejolote (Stone Pestle) [Size: 8 in x 7 in]
  • (1) Exprimador de Limon (Lemon Squeezer [Length: 7 in]
  • (1) Escobeta de Raiz (Hand Held Brush)
  • (1) Whole Peppercorn Packet
  • (1) Cumin seeds Packet
  • (1) Annatto seeds Packet

Your Purchase Makes a Difference:

          • Artisan Made
          • Preserves Tradition
          • Job Creator
          • Supports Small Business
          • Hecho en Mexico