Pino Box

MyCajita’s Pino Box has 3 stunning pieces to be used as functional decorations for your home, kitchen, or office. Use them in the kitchen for fruit, bread, and tortillas; in the office to help organize your things; or as a centerpiece for your table or mantel. They are made 100% of natural pine needles and fill your space with the unforgettable aroma of pine trees. This box comes with 3 baskets, with your choice of design. Flor, is a playful take on the traditional, with curved lines and openings throughout the pieces. Pino, is a contemporary design that keeps lines straight and clean.

$45.00 Member Price  / $49.00 Retail


What’s Included:

  • (1) Large Basket (18x8x25 cm)
  • (1) Medium Basket (14x6x20 cm)
  • (1) Small Basket (10x6x16 cm)

In an effort to improve the economic situation of its residents, the artesanos of Donato Guerra formed a cooperative and started to work together. With some residents with over 35 years of experience working Pino and others just under a year, it was a way for them ensure fair wages and prices of their goods and an ability to complete large orders in a timely manner. The group elects its own leaders and meet on a regular basis. We are happy to work with them and support their community. Click here to learn more.