Handwoven Mantel (Table Cloth)

Marine Blue, Colonial Yellow, Pink, and Royal Purple are colors you see often in Oaxaca, colors of the traditional colonial era that built the city and surrounding pueblos and colors of the festivals that make Oaxaca famous. The 100% cotton is hand pulled and dyed, drying over a week before being stretched and wound up to be used in the wooden looms. The weaver’s apprentice for 3 years before they are able to work the looms and the large loom, used to make this mantel, is only used by experienced weavers since it has 4 pedestals and is more complicated than the standard 2 pedestal loom. Each mantel takes 2 hours to weave and the click-clack-click-clack of pedal and thread creates a rhythm that helps the weaver move at a mesmerizing pace. The manteles are 100% cotton and measure 98” x 53”.

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What’s Included:

  • (1) 1) Handwoven Mantel (Size: 98 in x 53 in)

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          • Artisan Made
          • Support Family-Owned Businesses
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