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Mitla Pillow Covers

These beautiful pillow covers were hand made in Mitla Oaxaca by master weavers using wooden looms aka tellar de pedal. The traditional wooden looms use foot pedals to cross hundreds of threads up and down while they throw selected colored threads across in canicas aka shuttles, a wooden boat-like canister that holds the colored threads. The process of moving alternative threads up and down while simultaneously moving colored threads across is what weaves the threads together to form the fabric and its patterns. The click clack of the canica lancing back and forth and the thumps of the foot pedals being alternated creates a mesmerizing rhythm that you could almost play a tune to. The artesano’s of Mitla have recently started to work with a new technique, Mastizado, whereby various colors of threads are wrapped around the canica and utilized in the weave. This leaves a multi colored and slightly textured look that gives your pillow cases its beautiful design and feel.

These MyCajita exclusive pillow covers measure 20” x 20” and have a zippered closure. They come in 7 exciting colors: Ash, Khaki, Chocolate Brown, Blue, Green, Orange, and Pink. Add a pop of color or some contemporary décor to your living room or bedroom.

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  • (1) Mitla Pillow Cover [Size: 20 in x 20 in]