Velas Box

Who doesn’t love the smell of flowers in their house? MyCajita’s Vela’s box features 3 beautiful hand-carved Barro Negro candles, each filled with a different scent of Mexico’s most beloved flowers, and a matching tray to display them on.

Barro Negro (black clay) dates back to 500 BC and was a traditional craft of the Zapotecs and Mixtecs of the central valleys of Oaxaca. The tradition continues today, just about an hour south of Oaxaca City in the town of San Bortolo Coyetepec. This is where Doña Esther Real and her family mix the unique clay that comes from their fields, mold it into forms and hand cut beautiful designs into them. MyCajita collaborated with them to create this exclusive and beautiful candle and tray set, intricately designed with flowers.

To fill your candles, we paired up with Amor y Flor, out of Los Angeles, California who create high-quality non-toxic candles that contain all-natural soy wax, essential oils, premium fragrances, and cotton-braided wicks. Your MyCajita candle set has three selected fragrances from Amor y Flor called, “La Rosa”, “Mariposa”, and “Cempasuchil”, together they form a bouquet of flowers from México for everyone to enjoy!


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What’s Included:

  • (1) Barro Negro Rose Scented Candle
  • (1) Barro Negro Honeysuckle Scented Candle
  • (1) Barro Negro Cempasuchil Scented Candle
  • (1) Barro Negro Candle Holding Tray
*Some artisanal products may vary from picture due to hand craftsmanship*

Your Purchase Makes a Difference:

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