Hand Painted Jarritos

Enjoy your freshly blended and warm hot chocolate in a pair of hand-painted mugs from the artisanal town of Tonala, Jalisco. These brightly colored sunflower mugs were made from artisan Don Pila, his passion and inspiration for painting vibrates in the yellow sunflowers painted on each mug. The mugs are 100% lead free and can withstand extremely hot beverages. Handwashing your mugs is highly recommended to ensure your beautifully painted mugs are kept in tact for everyday use.

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What’s Included:

  • (1) Hand-Painted Jarritos (100% Lead-Free)

We met Señor Pila in Tonala, Jalisco on the search for quality goods. He is a 4th generation artisan and his focus is on painting barro (clay pottery) which is produced in Tonala. His skilled artwork was impressive and his desire to keep the tradition of artisans in Tonala alive was the motivation for what he does every day.

His love of animals and nature is evident in some of his work and he prides himself on keeping his family’s tradition alive. He showed us these beautifully painted sunflower mugs that had such a bright and “good morning” feel to them that we knew it would be a great addition to your collection.