Bring some contemporary Mexican design to your kitchen with the Spice Box! Two hands carved Tzalam wood bowls with two uniquely different colored marble lids and a Tzalam tejalote (pestle) to crush, grind, and serve your spices, salsa’s, or vinaigrettes. Made by 6th generation woodworkers.

Use them for salt and pepper, or to store other dry spices, the accompanying tejalote will help you grind your spices and bring some flavor to your kitchen. They can also be used to make salsa’s and vinaigrettes, and the different colored lids will help you know which is which.

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What’s Included:

  • (2) Hand-carved tzalam wood base from the Yucatan Peninsula. Measures approximately 4” wide and 3 ¾“ tall
  • (1) White marble hand-carved lid.
  • (1) Rose marble hand-carved lid.
  • (1) Tejalote tzalam wood and hand-carved.

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Your Purchase Makes a Difference:

        • Artisan Made
        • Preserves Tradition
        • Job Creator
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        • Hecho en Mexico

About the artisan:

On the Mexican Caribbean peninsula, outside of the city of Merida, the Piste Brothers have been working the local wood of Dzityá, Yucatan for many generations. Known as the founders of the Collectivo de Artesanos de Dzityá, they’ve tried to bring prosperity to their town which was once well known for its canteros, aka stone workers. The wood indigenous to their land is unique in its beauty and form and 6th generation master woodworkers: Luis, Marco, and Yoni learned from their father at an early age on the proper technique to work their local woods. Each piece is worked by hand and simple tools, with much of the shaping and forming done by hand.

Don Gregorio is a 4th generation cantero, stoneworker, who has been carving and shaping the Yucatan’s marble his whole 51 years of life. He collaborated with MyCajita and the Piste brothers to bring you these beautiful spice containers and lids.

More About the Spice Box

The bases and tejalote are made of Tzalam wood and hand-cut and shaped by 6th generation woodworkers, the Piste Brothers. Tzalam, aka Mayan Walnut, is only grown in the Yucatan and has been used by locals for generations. Tzalam has variegated heartwood consisting of medium and light brown colorations with sporadic hues ranging between orange, amber, and red. The lids are hand-carved from the natural white and pink/orange marble that the Yucatan is known for, you can see this stone throughout its cities, the building blocks of the great city of Merida. Master Cantero Don Gregorio carved and shaped each lid himself in his humble workshop located on the side of his house.

The base with lid measures approximately 4” wide and 3 ¾“ tall
The tejalote measures approximately 5 ½“ long
The wood is treated with natural coconut oil, wash with mild detergent and dry. Since the wood is not treated with any harsh chemicals, do not leave wet or filled with liquid for extended periods. Apply coconut (or olive) oil every few months to keep the woods glossy finish.