Guelaguetza Mole Bundle

Enjoy a delicious Mole bundle from Guelaguetza. Guelaguetza is a traditional Oaxacan restaurant located in Los Angeles, Ca. They import all their ingredients from Oaxaca and make their moles in the traditional way, toasting all the chile’s and spices individually and then artfully blending and grinding them to create a sumptuous paste. Enjoy their Mole Negro and Mole 

This bundle includes a sweet and savory Mole Negro paste that pours over chicken breast or over some delicious eggs for morning breakfast perfectly. Also included is the Mole Rojo paste which is a bit spicier than its Mole Negro counterpart but great over a plate of delicious enchiladas.


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Whats included:

(1) Guelaguetza Mole Negro, 16oz 

(1) Guelaguetza Mole Rojo, 16oz