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Ofrenda Box

MyCajita wants to help you remember your loved ones and keep the tradition as authentic as possible. Our Dia de Los Muertos box gives you what you need to celebrate and respect what this day is all about. We've custom-designed an alter set, 3 hand-made Barro negro pieces, replicas from actual pottery from the 1st Monte Albon period of Oaxaca (500 BC).

It includes a copalero and virgin copal, to clean the air. A candelero and cempasuchil scented candles, to light the way and for the fragrance to help them find their way. And a salero and rock salt to keep the soul pure while it is in this world visiting us. There's also a Barro Negro Muertos Skull, a beautiful showpiece and perfect addition to your ofrenda. Also included, hand-stamped Papel Picado, it's said that when the Papel Picado moves it's because our loved ones have entered the room. Add to this a glass of water to quench the thirst of your loved ones and your ofrenda: their favorite food/drink, and you have an authentic alter to celebrate this tradition with honor and respect.

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Member price: $45; Non-member price: $60

What’s Included:

  • (1) Barro Negro Muertos Calavera Skull (4 in x 4 in x 5.5 in)
  • (1) Barro Negro Copalero (Incense Burner)
  • (1) Barro Negro Velero (Candle Holder)
  • (1) Barro Negro Salero (Salt Holder)
  • (1) Set of Hand-Stamped Papel Picado,
  • (1) Amor y Flor Tea Light Combo: Cempasuchil & Sugar Skull
  • (1) 4 (oz) Bag of Copal Virgin
  • (1) 4 (oz) Bag of Rock Salt
  • (1) 4 (oz) Bag of Charcoal

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