Mouthblown Margarita Glassware 3-Piece Set

This glassware is crafted in Mexico by master glassblowers and made from 100% recycled Coke bottles. The bottles are washed and broken into pieces, which are then heated to a molten liquid and artfully spun, blown, and shaped into the beautiful glassware you see before you. This hand-blown glass may vary in color, size, and shape.

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What’s Included:

(2) Mouth Blown Mexican Mexican Margarita Glassware
(1) Mouth Blown Mexican Large Glass Salt Rimmer

About The Artisan 

Master glassblowers head up teams of 6-10 workers, each with their own role in the process. You can see the apprentices doing the basics, tending the fires, and delivering the necessary materials to each artisan. The pitcher starts off as molten glass that’s then rolled out like a cigar, the blue/green band is added, and the craftsman begins to blow and roll it to shape. From there, it is heated until it is tempered and illuminates a red hue before being placed in its mold and blown to the correct size. It’s then handed to the senior craftsman who rolls and shapes it, giving it its pour spout and adding the aqua blue handle before heading off to the oven for the final tempering. 

Watch how its made: Click here.

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