Cochinita Pibil Box

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The Yucatan’s most popular dish, Cochinita Pibil blends native spices like achiote, with Spanish imports like sour oranges and pork, to create a delicious dish you can serve on tacos, tortas, and more! MyCajita has everything you need for an authentic experience at home.

A beautiful handcrafted Cochinito Oven Pot, Recado Rojo (aka Cochinita Pibil seasoning) a spice blend sourced directly in the Yucatan and stone ground in Merida, Yucatan, MX., Sour Orange juice, and banana leaves. Just add pork and you’ll have a taste of the Yucatan in your home!


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What’s Included:

  • (1) Cochinita Oven Pot (13 in x 9 in x 5.25 in)
  • (1) Semillas de Dios Recodo Rojo bag ( 250 g)
  • (1) Goya Naranja Agria Juice (12 oz)
  • (1) Pack of Banana Leaves