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Not everything long that wraps around your neck in Mexico is a Rebozo! There are actually 3 distinct versions, all dictated by size. Where the Rebozo is used to carry babies, bundles of wood, and market goods back home, the Chalina is a slightly narrower version measuring. 

These Chalinas are sure to add some color and style to your holiday gatherings. The 100% cotton is hand woven via wooden loom and taller de cinturon by master weavers Angelica Maria Vazquez Perez and her daughter, Claudia Patricia Perez Vazquez. These Chalinas take 18 days to make and come in 6 colors.

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What’s Included:

  • (1) Chalina

Learn about the artisans who made this amazing Chalina:

Angelica Maria Vazquez Perez and her daughter, Claudia Patricia Perez Vazquez come from the small mountain town of Chenalhó, Chiapas. Angelica is a master at the taller de cinturon, making the very fabric that Claudia then embroiders her intricate and beautiful designs on. The two of them gained some notoriety this past September when they both created the WBA Championship Belt that Canelo Alverez won against GGG. The two were directly chosen by the design team of the WBA due to the quality of their work.

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