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Cacao Box

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Chocolate, even the word sounds so smooth and enticing. The taste of chocolate is desirable across the globe but Mexican hot chocolate is uniquely made from cacao, cinnamon, and chiles. It traces back to the Mayan and Aztecs who started to cultivate the cacao tree. Mexican chocolate is used to make a variety of foods and has become a go-to-item for chefs.


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What's Included

  • (1) Hand-Crafted Molinllo (Wooden Whisk) 
  • (2) Hand-Painted Jarritos (100% Lead Free)
  • (1) Seasons of my Heart, 250g
  • (1) Chocolate Mayordomo, 500g

*Some artisanal products may vary from picture due to hand craftsmanship*

Learn more about the artisans who made this box possible:

Don Gonzalez (Wood Artisan): https://www.mycajita.com/blog/?p=145

Don Pila (Painter):  https://www.mycajita.com/blog/?p=9286