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6-Pack of Mouth Blown, Hand Painted Globe Ornaments

Enjoy a Pack of 6 of these amazing Mouth Blown, Hand Painted Globe Esferas.

Nestled in the northern foothills of the Sierra Norte mountain range in the state of Puebla is the city of Chignahuapan. Recently named a puebla magica by the Mexican government, this small quaint town dedicates itself to making holiday ornaments. Each piece is mouth blown from glass tubes and hand decorated and painted. With the whole town dedicated to this it’s no wonder that they’ve received world renown for their work. In fact, the Vatican decorates its annual Christmas tree with the towns ornaments every year. We teamed up with Boutique Navideña this year to deliver to you three unique mouth blown, hand painted ornaments: a traditional twist on the holiday colors, red holly and green leaves playfully painted along a white background, a spiral multi-colored Mexican inspired globe, and a colorful Mexican trompo sure to conjure old memories of anyone who grew up in Mexico playing with this traditional toy.


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  • (1) Pack of 6, Mouth Blown Hand Painted Esferas